book review
Kevin Palau
Great Yarmouth

Book Review January 2021

Unlikely: Setting aside our differences to Live out the Gospel – Kevin Palau


As the CEO of an international Christian organisation, and son of one of the most famous evangelists of the 20th century, you might expect Kevin to use his connections to coax an introduction to his book from a world-renowned Christian speaker or writer. Instead Kevin starts his book with forewords from Sam Adams, former Mayor of Portland (who describes himself as the “progressive mayor of a very liberal city” with “different views on many issues” to Palau) and Rick McKinley, Pastor of a church in Portland. From the short foreword written by Sam Adams one word stands out for its repeated use: “humble”: a fitting epithet for the account which is to follow.

Kevin Palau’s book is the expression of his epiphany and journey from ‘hit-and-run’ crusade evangelism to deep-rooted, long-standing commitment to working in partnership to bless the area. It is a gentle and self-effacing account, giving credit to those across the churches and community for what has happened, and glory to God.

The accounts of what has happened as churches have come together and partnered with the wider community are encouraging and persuasive, and the message of the book is really summed up in the words of Dallas Willard which Kevin quotes:

“If you want to really experience the flow of love as never before, the next time you are in a competitive situation, pray that the others around you will be more outstanding, more praised, and more used of God that yourself. Really pull for them and rejoice in their success. If Christians were universally to do this for each other, the earth would soon be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God.”

A fitting challenge for the week of prayer for Christian unity.

Anna Heydon, Imagine Norfolk Together, Great Yarmouth