Dear all,

It was a pleasure to have you with us on 12th February for the Growing Good workshop. If you would like to read or share a summary of the event, follow this link: Network Norfolk : Norfolk churches explore Growing Good (networknorwich.co.uk)

We hope that the workshop inspired you to have a closer look at the Growing Good Toolkit and consider using the sessions with your church. You can sign up with your name, email address and details of your church: https://growing-good.org.uk/sign-up-form The Growing Good team at CUF would be happy to chat to anyone who wants to know more about using the Toolkit: polly.taylor@cuf.org.uk If you use the Toolkit don’t forget to let us know or fill in our feedback survey.

The Growing Good session on hospitality mentioned Places of Welcome. These are local community groups providing their neighbourhoods with places where all people feel safe to connect, belong and contribute. Find out more about joining the network: https://cuf.org.uk/places-of-welcome

Other resources mentioned in the workshop ere:

Lent resources for prayer, reflection and action: https://cuf.org.uk/lent-resources Discover more about the demographic and levels of poverty in your parish: https://cuf.org.uk/lookup-tool

Thank you again for joining us. If you have any feedback about the event or further questions then please do let me know.

Best wishes