Imagine Norfolk Together

February 2019 - The Pharisee in the Mirror

A guest blog (abridged) by Mark Rostron, a local writer who attends Mary Magdalene Church in Gorleston. Read more

October 2018 - More than Many Sparrows

Last week I helped someone move into his new home. I have been involved in house moves before, but none with the emotional impact of this one. You see George (name changed) had been living in a tent on the beach for the last year. And his story could have turned out very differently...Read more

August 2018 - Return to the country

Having spent my early years living on a farm and in a remote rural community, I have happy memories of country life...Read more

June 2018 - Lights, camera, action!

Reflections on Boyle, the beach and beauty...Read more

April 2018 - Multicultural Church?

Our churches are demonstrating acts of love and service more than ever before to those who are in material need through Food Banks, debt advice, night shelters etc. and this is a reason for great celebration. However our churches need to be not just working FOR the poor but also made up OF the poor...Read more

February 2018 - The line between good and evil...

Working for the past two years as a Development Worker for Imagine Norfolk Together in Great Yarmouth has opened my eyes..Read more

December 2017 - Taking a risk

I never thought I would say these words, but this winter I have learned to view risk assessment as a blessing...Read more

October 2017 - I see a new city...

There are times for celebration, but there are also times for lament...Read more

August 2017 - That all of them may be one...

I was fortunate to be able to attend the New Wine summer conference last week. In spite of the torrential rain thousands of Christians gathered at Shepton Mallett to camp and worship God together. New Wine emphasises two things which are very close to my heart...Read more

June 2017 - Grace and Truth

Sometimes it feels like my head and heart are battling with each other...Read more

April 2017 - Beauty for brokenness

At The Living Room a homeless visitor tells us of how he looks after other younger rough sleepers...Read more

December 2016 - The Challenge of the Advent Sleepout Challenge

Read to find out what was actually the biggest challenge of doing the Advent Sleepout Challenge in Great YarmouthRead more